About US

Robud is a famous Chinese toy brand, one of the subsidiaries of Robotime Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. It’s known for its rigorous industrial design, creative thinking, and childish style. The brand is named after the word “bud”, which shows the hope of finding out and developing children’s artistic talents in their play.


As an original brand, Robud pays great attention to childishness, artistry and brave expression. It takes “fun, activeness, growth and aesthetics” as the core concept, focusing on children’s experience of creation and fun so as to tap children’s artistic potentials.


We are a cornucopia of creative thoughts, and also an art museum of great fun. We put faith in every child’s dreams, welcome every “why”, and look forward to all the whims.


The brand icon of Robud is a chameleon for its ability to change colors. And for human beings, the color is also the first impression of the world. Therefore, using colors to express feelings is exactly what Robud wants the children to learn.


At the same time, Robud is devoted to combining fun with education, so that our babies can fully experience the beauty of art in their play. 

Robud, be creative and to shock!

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