1.How do I shop Robud products?
Click “OnlineStore” button on the top menu, you will automatically go into our shop . If you have already identified the product, please input the name directly into the search box at the top of our web page.

2.How to reach after-sales service?
Find us on Facebook: RobudToy
And you can reach us by email as well: service@robotime.com.

3.Do your wood products have burrs?
We adopt a rapid stamping process to minimize burrs. Also an eco-friendly black sand paper is given in the packaging. If you find the surface not smooth enough, just rub it with the sandpaper.

4.How to prevent children from eating toy parts?
The product packaging is marked with recommended age, please select appropriate toys for your children. When they are playing with toys, parents also need to observe carefully. If the children accidentally eat a toy part, there will usually be something abnormal which needs to be noticed by parents in time. Once you find anything unusual, be sure to take your children to the hospital as soon as possible.

5.What is the recommended age for Robud products?
Robud provides creative toys for 12M+ babies. And different products apply to different age group. For details, please refer to the product page.

6.Are the products safe and environmentally friendly?
Robud adopts high-quality wood, soy ink and other green materials to provide safe and reliable gaming experience for every child!

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