Brand Story


With the core concept of “trendy and interesting, appearance level first”, we constantly explore the needs of pets and pet owners, uphold the concept of scientific pet keeping , create a new fashion with great brand personality, and are committed to producing fashion pet products with appearance and practicality both.

Comfort,happiness and dainty,which is our theme all the time.

In 2020,a group of pet-loving people gathered with the original intention of “making pets live happily in the city”.We hope to proceed from our own pet keeping experience to design products with appearance and quality, solving troubles brought by pets. Scientific pet keeping starts from you and me.

At the same time, we also believe that each designer’s new creative concept will bring products more interests. We expect highly personalized designs to enable pets and us to enjoy a more delicate life.

A story about ChunJuan and NianGao

ChunJuan,a simple girl who comes from Jiangnan,met NianGao who is a delicate boy from Chongqing. They have totally different personalities, habits and careers. But in the attitude of life hit it off.After hard work, they often met to enjoy the flowers, watch exhibitions, brag… The friendship of them looks like small and gorgeous flowers growing on the hard reinforced concrete of the city.

During the journey, they also got acquainted with A Fu from northeast China. They gathered and decided to become the product experience officer of Mewoofun. By experiencing various products, they hope to find a better life for friends.

Their story continues, and in the future, more and more friends will take this train called Happy…

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